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I'm sorry, but I am not able to provide this service anymore because of lack of time.
Please do not submit any requests as I won't have the time to respond to them.
Thanks for your comprehension.

Welcome to Lost Czech Relatives website! We are here to help you to find living relatives in the area of today's Czech Republic (Bohemia, Moravia and the southern part of Silesia).

We can do a free lookup in the phonebook and then, if we find any possible relatives, we can do a paid research, which consists in sending them letters with information on your family history and a request to send as much information on their family as they have. Then we will process the information from them and try to connect their family with yours through finding a common ancestor.

You may be wondering whether this method works. Yes, it does! I have tried this with Maggie Smith from California. Her ancestors came from South Bohemia. I have sent 40 letters and received 16 responses, two of them from people who we found were her relatives who she never knew about before!

If you want to have a free phonebook lookup done, go to the Free lookup page. It's free and there is no obligation to continue with the paid research.